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Single parent research paper is a writing that is conducted within the auspices of the educational sector mostly by pupils in high school; it aims apart from fulfilling academic requirements providing possible solutions to controversial, argumentative and questionable issues created by this condition.

Single-Parent Households and Children’s Educational Achievement: A State-Level Analysis

Look no further than ProfEssays. Among these causes teenage pregnancies and consequences of immoral living is the most destructive and that is becasue children born into this environment hardly ever come out right except by share luck, most reasons for juvenile delinquencies are traceable to parenting under this condition.

To cope with the writing of a successful research paper on parenting, it is necessary to consider all sides of this multifaceted issue.

This could prevent a risk for behavioral problems in children. Effect on Social Capital Before Weitoft et al. Children who live with single parents, however, have less access to these social resources, in general, than do children with two parents in the household.

Solo parents as an outcome of: Enjoy free essays, examples of research papers, sample term papers, free dissertation samples and paper writing tips for all students.

Infor example, accommodations were allowed for children with disabilities and limited English language abilities. As stated by Lin and McLanahanfathers are likely to demand more time with their child in exchange for financial renumerations.

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There are so many issues surrounding single parenthood some are controversial, influential, informative, questionable, and argumentative; meaning that the subject single parent research paper writing attracts diverse reactions from people and thus sparks interest and reactions for this reason is this research paper writing initiated to address these issues and possibly bring about a very suitable solution.

Research Paper on Parenting

Although, some admitted that financial circumstances were poorer after marital disruption, it did not have much effect on school performance and academic achievement of their children. So I decided to go to Bangkok and stay with my aunt instead to be able to concentrate more on my studies.

None of these studies, however, used longitudinal data to see if increases in single parenthood are accompanied by declines in the aggregate level of student performance.

Julie Lopez is 28 and still a single mother. Becker show that children who are controlled with power-assertiveness have reactions of increased aggression towards other children, resistance to cooperation with authority figures, and hostile active-out behaviors Becker, Obesity is associated with chronic disease and harmful health conditions; the growing incidence of obesity is a serious public health issue.

From their stories, I was able to induce that the age of child at the divorce is related to the level of childcare assistance from kin, in which a childcare support by kin tends to be diminished if parents divorced when a child is at older years. Some even tended to perform moderately well in school.

Single-Parent Household Research Paper Starter

However, I could always turn on her for short-term borrowings whenever I have school-related expenses like field trip and athletic club. The Two-Parent Family Advantage Adolescents who receive parenting that simultaneously protects them from neighborhood dangers and cultivates opportunities outside the neighborhood can avoid negative outcomes Furstenberg, However, she did not experience any financial problem since she was supported by her new husband.

My parents have separated since I was three years old and I stayed with my mother for most of my life. I have chosen to study single-mother families because there were a higher number of children who were raised by a lone mother, compared to a lone father. Applications Primary applications of the impact of single-parent households include: Single-mother households with children represented more than 8 million households or approximately 79 percent of single-parent families.

State level data on these outcomes have been available since the early s. The participants were categorized into two sets; single-mothers and adult children.

Another important aspect is to obtain the grading schedule for single parent research paper writing tasks or the research paper rubrics What are the parts of research paper writing? Find out as it is most important in writing this paper also is the procedures of writing research paper outlines.

Single parent family condition involves the presence of a father or mother and children/child. In a better definition one can say that single parent is one who is saddle unwillingly with the responsibility of brining up a child or children as the case maybe, so we talk about the single mother and father.

Single-Parent Household Research Paper Starter

Strong Thesis Single Parenting Research Paper Article This is a selection made from among articles on Strong Thesis Single Parenting Research Paper. For a permanent link to this article, or to bookmark it for future reading, click here. Research Paper By Rose Marie Saratan (Parent and Child Relationship Coach, SWITZERLAND) Significance of the Study.

The Single Parent

There are various books in parenting that tell us the methods and concepts of raising self- reliant children. Useful research paper sample about Parenting and its styles. Free example of a research proposal paper on Parenting and Single Parenting online.

Learn also tips how to write a good research. However, there is little research on exploring the healthy functioning of single-parent families in terms of how they manage difficult life events, especially how they navigate successfully the transition from a dual-parent family system to a single-parent family system.

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